UKAA official partner of FOOTPRINT+ Conference 2023

  • Event takes place on 8th June 2023 at Hove Lawns, Brighton
  • CEO Brendan Geraghty chairing Whole Life Net Zero Homes expert session
  • UKAA members able to enjoy 15% discount on tickets

One of the five aims outlined in the UKAA Manifesto 2023 is to advance ESG literacy by creating environmental, economic and social value. Our plan to achieve this is multi-faceted and includes building strong connections with organisations that can advance this cause. One such connection is with the FOOTPRINT+ Conference 2023, of which UKAA is an official partner and at which CEO Brendan Geraghty will be chairing a session. The event takes place on 8th June 2023 at Hove Lawns, Brighton, BN3 2PE.

The FOOTPRINT+ Conference 2023 is focused on emerging technologies and how everyday practice can incorporate them to accelerate action against climate change. Last year’s event, of which the UKAA was also an official partner, shone a spotlight on building sustainability, from zero carbon solutions for buildings in use to how systemic design, construction quality and integrated building management can drive net zero results.

The 2023 conference will push these conversations forward, presenting a wide range of learning and networking opportunities focused on the circular economy, timber, retrofitting, zero carbon energy and financing the carbon revolution.

UKAA CEO, Brendan Geraghty, will be chairing the Net Zero Carbon Homes session that takes place at 12:15 on Thursday 8th June, with speakers including Emma Osmundsen (CEO of Sixty Bricks), Sara Celentano (Associate Sustainability Consultant at PRP Architects) and Adam Graveley (Head of Technical and Innovation at Future Homes). The session will cover the topic of ‘Whole Life Net Zero Homes’ and how new homes can be designed and constructed to meet the UK’s 2050 net zero target. Key to this will be discussion around how embodied carbon considerations affect material and construction choices, how homes can be designed to last longer than 60 years and which energy system and technology solutions can support the design and delivery of whole life net zero homes.

The FOOTPRINT+ Conference 2023 will be bringing together all sectors of the property world, connecting them with experts who can show them how to reduce their carbon emissions. UKAA members who wish to attend can click this link and enter code UKAAfp23 for a 15% discount.

“The UKAA is proud to once again be part of such an important sustainability event as the FOOTPRINT+ Conference 2023. Scrutiny of how we design and build sustainably is, quite rightly, increasing rapidly. We already have much of the knowledge we need to reach net zero in terms of how we construct and manage our buildings, though embodied carbon remains a key challenge. Now we need to make the connections we need to implement this knowledge effectively – and fast. The FOOTPRINT+ Conference will support the achievement of that.

Brendan Geraghty, CEO, UKAA

For more information, please contact [email protected].