The Association for Rental Living (formerly UKAA)

We are proud to introduce the Association for Rental Living

We are proud to announce the evolution of the UKAA into the Association for Rental Living (ARL),  highlighting the breadth of the purpose-built rental living sector which it represents in the UK, and the growth of rental living internationally. 


Empowering Rental Living Communities

The BTR sector within the UK has evolved and grown significantly since we were established. 

100,300 BTR homes are now complete with potential for 360,000 by 2033 (Savills) and our brand transformation is a response to this sector evolution and growth. 

Driving Innovation in Rental Living

With a membership of more than 330 organisations across the rental living sector ecosystem, reaching 4,500+ professionals, the new brand reflects the maturity, market growth and independent standing of today’s purpose-built rental living offering in the UK.

For further details on our rebranding journey and the evolution of our organisation, please refer to the press release. It provides comprehensive insights into our strategic shift, vision, and values, highlighting our commitment to elevating rental living standards:

Discover the comprehensive story of our rebranding journey in our downloadable PDF. Uncover the intricacies of our vision, values, and transformation, providing valuable insights into our evolution and commitment to advancing rental living. Access the PDF now for an in-depth exploration of our narrative and journey.

We represent all institutionally backed, professionally managed purpose-built rental living sectors including:

Urban multifamily | Suburban multifamily | Urban single-family | Suburban single-family | Co-living | Later living

As we embrace our new identity as the Association for Rental Living, rest assured that the UKAA website remains accessible during this transition. While we work diligently behind the scenes to align our digital presence with our rebrand, continue to access our existing platform for valuable resources and information.

The Association for Rental Living (ARL) is introducing a new Build to Rent (BTR) Code of Practice. This initiative, led by ARL members and stakeholders, sets out to define the ethos and standards of the BTR sector, distinguishing it from traditional Buy to Let / PRS models. Join us in shaping the future of BTR by road-testing these seven principles and providing your valuable insights.

Now you have the opportunity to share your views and insights into the detail behind these seven principles as we road test how they will be applied, implemented, and measured.

To view the principles of the BTR Code of Practice:

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