Suppliers Committee

Purpose and objectives:

• To be viewed by investors and decision-makers as the key credible source for knowledge and products within the BTR supply chain.
• To deliver ROI to members and buyers alike through a credible supplier membership pool.
• To increase membership, spanning a broad platform of sector supply chain, offering a wider experience base.
• To drive product development to raise the bar for the sector.
• Create engagement between Operators & Suppliers.
• Explore and educate on best practice principles in the BTR market.
• Provide a liaison between Suppliers and the ARL Leadership Team
• Strength of engagement, supplier to supplier.
• Understand operator/investor needs.
• To be educated by ARL in terms of market trends, forecasts, and regulations.



Edward Grimshaw (Chair)

Regal Blinds Ltd

Oliver Ringsby-Burgess (Vice-Chair)

HPS Services

Adrian Kelly

Letcheck Inventories

Timothy Stephen

Community Utilities

Chris Hughes

NSP Security

Alison Orrells

The Safety Letterbox company Ltd

Mike Beech

Beko Plc

Emma Parsons


Tim Swaddle

RoomService By Cort

Gavin Morton-Holmes

Hero Labs