The UKAA response to the proposed Renters’ (Reform) Bill

The UK Apartment Association (UKAA), the representative body for the build-to-rent (BTR) industry in the UK, supports considered, evidence-based regulation that sets standards and expectations for the rental sector as well as offering protection to both landlords and customers. We remain willing to engage positively with policymakers to improve the performance of the rental sector and welcome the clarity set out in the Renters’ (Reform) Bill. 

“However, the UKAA stresses that BTR landlords already meet and exceed the majority of requirements of the proposed Renters’ (Reform) Bill, being introduced to Parliament today.

“Our industry’s objective is to create, maintain and professionally manage high quality homes, in the long term, for the benefit of customers, local communities and investors. We are and will continue to set the highest standards for the BTR industry (specifically as well as supporting and encouraging the Private Rental Sector to do the same).

“The UKAA is itself leading the development of a Code of Practice for BTR operators, setting out standards of practice in terms of quality of accommodation, customer service, response to resident issues, communication, and resident well-being as well as clear and fair terms of tenancy.

“It is also worth noting that the BTR sector is adding significant numbers of much-needed, high quality additional homes across the UK with over 82,500 new homes completed, and a further 168,400 in the planning and delivery pipeline (Savills, May 2023). The UKAA calls on government to further recognise the uniqueness of the BTR proposition and do more to support the delivery of BTR homes across the UK.

“Furthermore, it is gratifying to note, as revealed in the latest Who Lives In Build to Rent report (May 2023), that BTR customers mirror the demographic and income profiles of the wider PRS demonstrating that BTR is universal solution that can make a significant contribution in helping to solve the UK’s housing crisis