Inventory Hive Tackle Nightmare of Coordinating Property Visits in collaboration with Leaders Romans Group

Following a year of research and development, working closely with Leaders Romans Group (LRG), Inventory Hive have today announced a new diary-management/maps feature that promises to be a game changer for coordinating property inspections and visits.

Feedback from agents and landlords revealed that communicating inspection visits with tenants and co-ordinating those visits with teams can be a logistical and costly nightmare – and a huge admin time-drain.

Tenant communications via manual e-mails and telephone calls takes up hours of unnecessary time. Planned badly, those visits can also incur additional time on the road and mounting fuel costs.

Efficiency, however, has historically been difficult to achieve. The development team at Inventory Hive took this challenge on and set about making property inspection coordination easier and more time/cost effective than ever before.

The development that has gone into the Diary and Maps Add-on functionality has been extensive. Inventory Hive’s hard work has paid off and resulted in automated tenant workflows to reduce office administration time, with an easy-to-use map view to assign inspections to team members so property inspections can be carried out with less office admin time.

The add-on seamlessly integrates with staff diaries and schedules and a map-view of the area. The functionality also automatically schedules recurring interim visits, sends appointment details to tenants in-app, manages tenant confirmation and reschedules based on real-time inspector availability.

Key features include Google Map integration to visually plan the best route for an inspector’s day, with travel time calculation, mileage monitoring and carbon footprint tracking.

“The team at Inventory Hive have spent several months collaborating closely with the team at Leaders Romans Group to pinpoint the key pain points for scheduling property inspections. Scheduling and coordinating interim visits are the most time-consuming office admin tasks a property manager can undertake. It requires frequent manual intervention in the form of tenant emails, texts and phone calls that take-up a lot of unnecessary time. Our diary with maps add-on has been built to give property managers back that lost time, whilst giving inspectors the tools to navigate between properties and reports effortlessly when out in the field,” commented Richard Abbots, CEO at Inventory Hive.

Kim Lidbury, Group Director at Leaders Romans Group commented:

“We are delighted to have worked with Hive to create what we feel will be a fantastic addition to our systems.  Not only will it really work to assist our teams with efficiencies, it will also provide an even better tenant journey. The scheduling system delivers tenants the ability to suggest the dates of their appointments based upon team availability using the online diary (when needed) and also automatically offers the frequent communication that we feel a tenant wants when an interim visit is due.  Hive has created a great product which will fit the needs of not only our teams but also our customers.”

Property managers, letting agents and landlords can learn more at Inventory Hive