Bisnow: The Future of Beds in Dublin

The UKAA are sponsoring the Bisnow event ‘The Future of Beds in Dublin’ to learn more about the BTR Irish sector. The event will be taking place on Tuesday 18th September 2018 from 7.30am. Among the speakers will be UKAA member, Liv Group’s Managing Director, Iain Murray with more speakers being added.

There will be insight on how can local authorities and the CRE industry in Dublin work together to deliver on the Rebuilding Dublin housing plan of providing the tens of thousands of homes needed by 2021. With €5B in capital targeted to the Irish BTR sector, discussion how can modern methods of construction and how the right approach to density can speed up the delivery process will be explored.

Representatives will address what types of infrastructure and government initiatives are needed to support residential growth, flourishing neighborhoods and development processes. Get involved in discussions on how the market can avoid further rental spikes and provide the type of housing appealing to young professionals, as well as families. Are there enough and affordable student apartments in Dublin? Find out how can we encourage students to continue renting in Dublin after graduation, and what accommodation the market should be building for them.

All UKAA members will receive a 20% discount on tickets. Please contacts us if you wish to attend.