The benefit of interim inspection reports 

This article identifies what should be included in an interim inspection visit and how this can help extend the life of a building and increase resident satisfaction 

As with a condition and cleanliness report at the beginning of a tenancy, there is no legislation that requires an interim inspection to be completed.  

An interim inspection, or mid-term visit, is an opportunity to identify the condition of the property and highlight any maintenance issues. 

With resident satisfaction so vital within the Build to Rent industry, it provides the perfect touch-point for maintaining the relationship developed during the first few months of occupation.    

Utilising software, such as Inventory Hive, it is possible to send reports directly to residents which they can complete themselves, giving them a platform to air any concerns.  

This might be in addition to any maintenance portals set up within the building. This also helps to alleviate any concerns around social distancing or privacy which have to be considered under the residents’ right to quiet enjoyment of their property.   

Impact on the Project: Improved resident satisfaction and engagement, aiding to build a connection with the development. Helping to reduce maintenance and replacement costs by identifying any potential issues early. Improves longevity of the initial building’s fit out/install   

Impact on the customer: Issues get highlighted and resolved more quickly with minimal effort required from the customer  

This is a good opportunity to consider technological solutions which can integrate your various suppliers, reducing double-entry requirements and improving efficiency for your team.  

For example, Inventory Hive integrates with maintenance platform FixFlo so any issue highlighted during a mid-term inspection can be sent directly to the building’s FixFlo feed, ensuring it is resolved quickly.  

Identifying maintenance concerns throughout the resident’s occupancy not only assists in ensuring their satisfaction, it also aids in the longevity of installations within.  

An unreported maintenance issue could mean a replacement is required when a much less costly repair could have been carried out.   


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