UKAA Virtual Reverse Trade Show

The UKAA’s reverse trade shows offer the opportunity for suppliers to the Build To Rent industry to meet with the major purchasers/operators on a 1:1 basis.

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Reverse trade shows enable you to secure quality appointments with high closing rates through scheduled meetings with your chosen operators.

Going virtual takes this to a new level – face-to-face meetings arranged for you without the hassle of travelling!

How does it work?

The major purchasers/operators are based in a virtual room on Zoom and suppliers move from room to room for pre-booked 1:1 “speed dates”.  We aim to have a minimum of ten operators per session.

How do you select which operators you would like to meet with?

We ask you to select your top five choices from the purchasers/operators who are attending, and we guarantee that you meet with at least three of them.

How long are the meetings?

Each meeting lasts approx. eight minutes.

Why is a reverse trade show a good use of your time?

Reverse trade shows enable suppliers and buyers to make new contacts in an effective way. The benefit to suppliers is obvious, but for purchasers who are continually being asked to meet with potential suppliers, there is also a significant benefit through a much more efficient use of their time than multiple individual meetings.

Who can participate?

These events are exclusive UKAA members only.

How much does it cost?

£500 + VAT Early bird Discount

£1000 + VAT Full Price


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