UKAA Webinar: The next property disruptor: Unlocking the opportunity in Single Family Rental through technology Tuesday 19th April

With 98% of the residential market across Europe currently made up of single-family stock, there is huge untapped potential across this exciting asset class. But how can this all be unlocked?

In this extra special online roundtable, we brought together visionaries from several organisations serving the Single Family Rental market to share their knowledge around how to invest in the UK SFR market, as well as delving deeper into the operational management of SFR portfolios.

This free-flowing conversation covered topics, including:

  • Why is SFR an attractive investment right now, and for the future?
  • What role does smart technology and IoT play in SFR?
  • What data points are required to manage a successful SFR portfolio and how does this differ from BTR?
  • How will customer portal technology differ in SFR to the urban BTR market?
  • What data challenges do asset managers face when management is outsourced?
  • How can tech help you reduce your Gross to Net?
  • How can SFR as an asset class support macro ESG targets?


  • Sebastian Caunter – Operations Director at PRSim
  • Lesley Roberts – Partner at Allsop
  • Rob Sumner – Residential Investment Director at Sigma Capital
  • Dan Foryszewski – Senior Manager at MRI Software
  • Rajeev Nayyar – CEO & Co-founder at Fixflo
  • Tiffany Harrison – Head of Lettings at Leaf Living


Read full event write-up and watch the session here >