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Creating beautiful interiors for a home or an office environment is a wonderful thing, it is the little details that often make all the difference. Sadly there is always one aspect that is missed, ignored, or forgotten. It is a taboo subject, rarely discussed. The disposal of used period products; tampons and pads.


The fact is that 2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads are flushed down the toilet every day in the UK alone. Some of these end up directly polluting our rivers oceans and beaches. Others block the toilet or pipework causing damage, embarrassment and come with a high financial cost to resolve.


Finally, there is an award winning patented solution designed to be fit for purpose that ensures a hygienic, easy and discreet solution to disposal for both the home and the workplace.


FabLittleBag is a unique sustainably disposal bag, opens one handed, is opaque and seals closed providing ease, hygiene and discretion for the user. Made from plants and recycled material they are sustainable sourced and low carbon.


FabLittleBag is the only truly hygienic solution for the cubicle or bathroom that keeps the bins (sanitary or open bins) clean, contamination free and odour-free. This hygiene aspect is especially important in these post Covid times.


Available with an elegantly designed dispenser or in pack form, FabLittleBag shows positive thought and action has been taken for both the environment and women’s needs a key requirement for any CSR policy.


Do your bit to keep the oceans free from plastic pollution and make doing the right thing an easy hygienic experience for women.


Be thoughtful, be responsible, be FAB, the best disposal method.PERIOD


Please visit our website, or contact me directly for a quote, or to answer any questions.