Responses to Government

Please see letter sent to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, Local Government and Economic Secretary to the Treasury. They were jointly drafted by BIBA, ARMA, BPF, LKP and IRPM:

18th March: Letter to Robert Jenrick – Read Letter 


Insurance problems now being experienced by building managers as they wrestle to manage and remediate potentially unsafe buildings:

18th March: PI Insurance – Read Letter 


A joint letter sent on Wednesday 18th March by the BPF, London First and the UKAA to the Secretary of State for Housing to ensure that the BTR sector’s voice is heard in the ongoing discussions about support for the PRS:

18th March: Voice of BTR – Read Letter


We sent a follow-up letter sent regarding critical work functions:

26th March: Critical work functions – Read Letter


We have continued to work on Lift Safety Inspections and defining critical safety functions carried out by staff and contractors:

3rd April: Lift safety certification delays in the Covid-19 crisis