Planet Mark joins UKAA as a member

PlanetMark is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation and for real estate. Our certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who make a world of difference.

This critical period between 2020 and 2030, the Decade of Action, requires bold and ambitious commitments to tackle the climate crisis, and that means shifting to net zero carbon. No matter what stage in your net zero journey you are on, from committing to a target to creating the credible action plan needed to get there, we’re here to support you.

Since our launch in 2013, Planet Mark has been on a mission to empower change for a brighter future.

To do that, we begin by measuring what matters, providing the insight needed to make informed decisions about when and how your organisation will make the transition to a net zero model.

Alongside this, we educate and inspire your people acting as a catalyst for behaviour change that not only immediately reduces carbon emissions but drives cost savings through lowering consumption.

Communicating your Planet Mark Certified Business status further supports customer preference for your brand and provides tangible and impartial verification that your organisation is making progress in relentlessly reducing carbon and is committed to #DoMoreGood.