Locks and beyond – designing for the next generation of connected buildings

2020 will see a raft of product developments, from revisions of existing lock sets to ground-breaking changes in functionality, which will alter perceptions about how we think of fire safety in multi-occupancy buildings.

Entirely new product areas have been developed, allowing TLJ to compete in markets for which we have not previously been known. Whilst still wholeheartedly supporting our hotel, leisure and student accommodation customers, we’ll be able to offer bespoke access control solutions where the aesthetic is as important as the function; high-end PRS and Build to Rent, for example. Built-in modularity will make our product range more appealing to the residents of such properties where smart tech and the integrated digital experience are not only desirable, but entirely expected.

Proof the pudding is in the… Service

It would be a mistake to think that all we’ve focused on is product development. Whilst confident that our previous aftersales service was among the best, we now have an offering that is truly second to none. With tiered service plan options, affordable pricing and technical staff available round the clock, our fully in-house and UK-based support means that there’s now a service plan for every customer.

Fresh decade, fresh identity

As we roll in to 2020 and the start of a new decade, the buoyant feeling within the company is reflected in a confident new logo that will form the basis of TLJ’s visual identity going forward. Previous iterations have included a ‘fingerprint’ design for old-style biometric locks and an RFID ‘wave’ for contactless locks.

The new logo and clean, minimalist design hint at a future migration of TLJ’s lock management system into the cloud, bringing operational, functional and security benefits to the operator and end user alike.

Furthermore, we’ve deliberately moved away from using the phrase “Security Systems” in our company name. This distances ourselves from more traditional areas of security, e.g. camera surveillance and guarding, making it clear our focus is on access control. The brand architecture allows space for expansion into other areas and markets in the future.

TLJ Manager Director, Luke Martin, summed it up by saying:

Following our 10th anniversary last year it became apparent how much the company had changed and upped its game. It became even more apparent, though, that the pace of change in the industry is accelerating and in order to stay ahead of the curve, we must continue to change. And that change must be transformative, not gradual.

It’s why we have a built a really strong team here at TLJ, one that will facilitate such a transformation. I’m pleased to say it’s happening now, with everyone in the company working harder than ever to exceed the expectations of new and existing customers alike.

To find out more visit TLJ on Stand 34, call 01482 830334 or email [email protected].