Get to know UKAA Corporate Sponsor… Beko plc Appliance Partners

The first in a new sponsored series, we get to know Beko plc Appliance Partners, the specialist contract division of Beko plc and the UKAA’s newest Corporate Sponsor.   

In one sentence, tell us who Beko plc Appliance Partners plc are?

Beko plc Appliances Partners is the specialist contract division of Beko plc, a dedicated team supplying tailored appliance solutions from our Beko and Grundig ranges to build-to-rent operators.

How can Beko plc Appliance Partners add value to the UKAA community?

Beko plc Appliance Partners bring to the UKAA over 100 years’ experience in supplying appliances to the build-to-rent sector. Our specification team are able to offer the UKAA community their expert advice for selecting the most suitable appliances for any kitchen space to exceed the expectations of both operator and resident, whilst enhancing the desirability of a development.

Our team keep up to date with the ever-changing legislations applicable to build-to-rent operators, and are able to offer professional guidance on specifying products which not only satisfy but also surpass any necessary criteria. Beko plc Appliance Partners understand that operators are looking for suppliers who offer convenient, reliable and competitively-priced products and services, and we can offer tips on adding value and maximising the liveability of a development.

Why have you chosen to become a UKAA Corporate Sponsor?

We recognise that the UKAA is the leading voice in the build-to-rent and single-family rental sectors and are excited to learn from this knowledgeable community. As a specialist supplier of appliance solutions to operators, Beko plc Appliance Partners are able to offer a wealth of experience and ideas which we are keen to share collaboratively with the UKAA membership as together we address the issues currently facing our communities and positively shape the future of build-to-rent.

How can Beko plc Appliance Partners contribute towards the liveability of a build-to-rent development?

Our innovative appliances offer stylish yet competitively-priced solutions designed to save residents time and money.For build-to-rent providers, incorporating energy efficient appliances within your homes will not only enable you to meet planning regulations, but will also increase the desirability of your homes. With the cost of living continuing to rise and energy prices an increasing concern, residents will be keen to see appliances that can help to keep their bills to a minimum, whilst those who are more environmentally-aware are supported with their aspirations to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Innovative technologies have been incorporated within our products to support modern living, such as our Pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens, and fast cycles in our dishwashers and laundry appliances. Space-saving, slim-line options and multi-functional appliances provide the perfect solution where space is at a premium, with low levels of noise and water consumption enhancing the liveability of a property.

Can you highlight any key partner relationships and outline what value or benefit you’ve added to their rental offering?

We pride ourselves on the strong partnerships we forge with build-to-rent operators and are proud to provide bespoke appliance solutions to projects across the UK for Get Living (Mace), Placefirst, Pocket Living, Packaged Living and L&Q amongst others. Our partners are able to benefit from our generous 5-year Parts and Labour guarantee packages, with a 10-year parts guarantee available on selected Beko products. This extended guarantee offers ongoing peace of mind to residents and ensures operational costs are visible and phased for operators, meaning maintenance costs can be easily managed with no liability for additional expense.

As a supplier, how are you able to add value across various aspects of ESG?

Our wider company core values, and those of our parent company, Arçelik, drive us to find ways of working which respect the environment. As a supplier, we are keen to support our partners’ sustainability credentials, helping to minimise our collective carbon footprint.

We are proud of the many accolades our parent company have received, such as their inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, in recognition of their efforts in ensuring their factories, products, people and supply chain all play their part in protecting the future of our planet. Our appliances, some of which incorporate recycled materials, are durable and built to last, extending the lifecycle of the product. Our extended parts guarantees encourage residents to repair rather than replace appliances, supporting the circular economy.

Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to supporting deserving charities, Beko plc have recently celebrated our 10-year partnership with Barnardo’s, during which time we have proudly donated over £425,000 to help children, young people and families across the UK.

Tell us about your aftercare service.

Beko plc Appliance Partners’ dedicated Specification Managers provide guidance to our partners throughout the purchase process, with any post-sales enquiries covered by a tailored aftercare service. Both operators and their residents benefit from ongoing access to our responsive customer solutions team, with our nationwide network of experienced engineers offering ongoing support and reassurance. We are extremely passionate about providing market-leading levels of customer care and continue to invest heavily in our partner support operations. We understand that as well as protecting our own brand reputation, the quality of our products and service also reflects on the provider. Our fully wrapped service proposition ensures that the operator can be confident that any issues will be resolved swiftly and efficiently. 

Beko is recognised as a leading UK kitchen appliance brand. How does that scale benefit specifiers/operators and renters in the build-to-rent market?

The scale of our operation means we are able to offer a wide range of products from a choice of brands, adapting to the changing needs and expectations of operators and residents and responding accordingly at a competitive price. We hold high levels of stock specifically to support contract fulfilment in our world-class distribution facility here in the UK, and are well-placed to provide large quantities of appliances within challenging timeframes. As a large company, we focus heavily on our ESG strategy, measuring our impact on society and the environment to ensure we continue to operate in a responsible manner.

How can build-to-rent developers and operators find out more about Beko plc Appliance Partners?

More information on our products and services can be found on our website,, with regular updates available on LinkedIn:
To discuss your next build-to-rent project email [email protected].