Webinar: Guide to accessing corporate rentals

Opportunities, challenges, and practicalities of flexible corporate rentals for BTR owners.



Opportunities, challenges, and practicalities of corporate rentals

The UKAA and TrustedStays co-hosted this Webinar to give Build-to-Rent owners a guide to accessing corporate rentals. Tackling this subject from a strategic and practical approach, the panellists discuss the opportunities, challenges, and practicalities of flexible corporate rentals from a BTR perspective.

Brendan Geraghty, UKAA CEO moderates the discussion with Merilee Karr, Founder and CEO of TrustedStays and Francesco Morgante, Head of Sales and Distribution at Altido.

TrustedStays is a B2B property platform that provides corporates, government, and professionals with accredited and secure accommodation options in the UK. Working in partnership with the STAA & UKAA, TrustedStays brings together the BTR, serviced apartment and flexible rental industries to provide the depth of supply needed to access the $156 corporal rental market. TrustedStays gives BTR owners and it’s property partners access to flexible, mid-, and long-term rentals from vetted professionals.

As well as giving BTR owners direct access to corporate rentals via the platform, the TrustedStays team can also help advise BTR owners on the best strategies to take when approaching flexible rentals. They can connect you with professional property partners such as ALTIDO, Underthedoormat and GuestReady, who are members of the Short-term accommodation association (STAA) and who can facilitate your access to TrustedStays and flexible rentals, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Francesco Morgante joined the panel to explain how professionally property managers, can take on the distribution, management and operations of your flexible rentals whilst ensuring that you are taking in guests who blend into your community by connecting you to platforms such as TrustedStays.

With recent case studies from Way of Life and Vertus, Merilee Karr explains how accessing flexible corporate lets with via TrustedStays can maximise your occupancy, expand the visibility of your developments, open you up to potential long-term conversions, and allow you to set your own terms that will safeguard your community.  She explained how B2R operators have chosen different approaches (both successful to date), with Way of Life operating themselves connecting to TrustedStays via Hospiria technology and Vertus opting to partner with STAA member company UnderTheDoormat to manage it end to end for them, with TrustedStays as the key driver for them accessing this market due to their desire to reach the corporate market.

The panellists then discussed other key strategies and challenges to accessing corporate rentals and how BTR owners can use corporate flexible as a strategy to grow their overall business. We rounded off the discussion with a few questions from BTR owners in the audience, who wanted to understand how this strategy could work for them.

We invite you to find out more by contacting the UKAA at [email protected], or the TrustedStays team at [email protected]


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