UKAA Webinar: UK Open & Operating BTR Report and Map London Update

A discussion around the data contained in the latest version of the ‘UK BTR Open & Operating Report’ produced by Cortland Consult in collaboration with the UKAA and the UK BTR Map produced in collaboration with REalyse and HomeViews. This release includes a new set of data to include London.

Learning Outcomes:

The panel will discuss the continued growth of BTR across the UK and the importance of Data in proving viability, increasing understanding and knowledge, and incorporating it into the future of Build To Rent Design and Operations.


Iain Murray – Cortland Consult – Senior Director BTR Consultancy (Europe)

Iain leads a team of specialist Build to Rent Consultants and Research Analysts at Cortland Consult based in London with over 80 clients in the UK, Ireland and Spain. The team have worked on over 60k+ Apartments and Homes.

Iain is considered a veteran of the BTR sector adding it to his 38-year career. The past projects on his CV are considerable, over £8bn of schools and hospitals in the PPP market as a Partner at G&T, the Estates Rationalisation Project for HMNB Clyde (Faslane & Coulport), over 50 Care Homes both Developed and Operated, and a strong background in FM including a term as Chair of the Professional Institute for FM the now IWFM and Deputy Chair of Global FM.

He is recognised as a subject leader and an accomplished speaker in the industry.

Iain sits on the UKAA’s Scottish Hub and Whole Life Group.


Rory Cramer – HomeViews – CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding HomeViews, Rory spent 13 years in the residential development sector, having been a Senior Director at CBRE before becoming Head of Consultancy at Marsh & Parsons New Homes. Combining this in-depth experience with a substantial contacts list, Rory is now a leading figure in the UK property development sector. As an early investor, co-founder and now CEO, Rory is an advocate for the benefits HomeViews brings and its increasing significance within the property industry. He is passionate about using the HomeViews platform to help raise standards across the built environment – for the benefit of developers, managers, owners and tenants alike.





Gavriel Merkado – Realyse – CEO & Founder

Gavriel started his career in equity research and transitioned into working as a quantitative analyst and trader. Moving then into Real Estate, Gavriel worked with Quintain and Essential Living and was a partner at H4A. In all three roles he developed technical data solutions and handled financial modelling, appraisals research and elements of debt origination and terms. In 2014 Gavriel began work on what became REalyse, bringing quantitative insights to a qualitative industry by combining technology, real estate, finance and data analysis.