UKAA Webinar: Mail and parcel delivery within BTR environments – future proofing and compliance with this essential provision by Safety Letterbox

Mail delivery needs to comply with Secured By Design, Fire Rating and aesthetics – there are various things to consider. Parcel delivery is huge and causing multiple issues – blocking fire routes. Theft of parcels, identity theft if left in an open place, tailgating of carriers to steal parcels left unsecured, liability confusion, lack of traceability – this links to fire regs, secured by design, parcel crime figures, IOT and so on…the built environment need to be aware of the scale of the problem and points to consider when selecting a solution, including compliance and efficient systems.


Learning Outcomes:

  • How to ensure Mail and Parcel delivery is considered, compliant and that buildings are future proofed and operating in line with Fire, Secured By Design, Part Q – linked to Building A Safer Future.



  • Alison Orrells – CEO & Managing Director – Safety Letterbox Co – UK’s leading mailbox and parcelbox manufacturer and part of the RENZ Group with factories in Germany, Poland and France.
  • Stephanie Smith – Experienced Living Sector Operations and Asset Management Specialist – US, UK, Mainland Europe, Nordics
  • Steve Watts – Metropolitan Police. Technical Designing Out Crime Officers
  • Les Gipps – Metropolitan Police. Technical Designing Out Crime Officers
  • Akash Sharma – General Manager, APO