UKAA Webinar: ESG in BTR: From strategy to practice on social considerations

The contribution of Build to Rent to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations is clear. This webinar, Part 2 of a series of 3 discussions, focusses on moving from strategy to practice on social considerations. We will discuss what addressing social considerations means for investors and businesses, at corporate and site level. The focus will be on practical steps that developers and asset owners can embed across their organisations and assets, including Health & Safety, tackling modern day slavery, health and wellbeing for employees, tenants, and in contributing social value.

Outcomes include:

  • Understanding the importance of addressing social considerations across businesses, BTR assets, and supply chains
  • What good looks like in terms of stakeholder engagement – Who are they? How do you prioritise engagement? And how do you proactively and positively engage to enhance the BTR experience?
  • Understanding the importance of embedding social value across organisations, assets, and working with local communities
  • Consideration of the range of data and metrics available and how to get started; and

Being responsive to wider market and regulatory trends, in the UK, EU and wider.


Dr Sophie Taysom, Director and Founder of Keyah Consulting

Dr Sophie Taysom, works with clients across the built environment to develop their approach to ESG. This is done in line with international standards and best practice, and with a view to ensuring clients can respond proactively to new and emerging requirements and stakeholder expectations. She speaks on these issues on national and international platforms.

Hannah Durden Hannah Durden has worked in real estate for 18 years in the private sector and for clients across the UK. She is the Founder and Director of CNZW as well as Circular Community UK. Based in the UK, she advises on development management strategy for buildings and businesses: considering carbon, waste and wider ESG opportunities across every element of the property and business life cycle.