UKAA Webinar: Delivering improved yields as flexible rentals mature

Join us as we talk about the industry challenges for the Build to Rent sector and how TrustedStays can help strategically overcome some of these challenges. Merilee Karr, Chairperson of UK Short Term Accommodation Association (UKSTAA), founder & CEO of UnderTheDoormat Group, discusses the evolution of TrustedStays a year on and with user case study of a Build to Rent provider in Canary Wharf now able to access Corporate and Government demand from a flexible lettings model.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What are the industry challenges for Build to Rent
  • The evolution of TrustedStays and what it means for the sector?
  • How flexible rentals can lead to the following:
    • Shorter stays turn into longer term tenants
    • Accessing corporate demand
    • Higher yields delivered in comparison to ASTs
    • Non-Student Stays in your portfolio
    • Reduced acquisition costs
  • How to access the value of flexible lettings


Merilee Karr – Chairperson of UK Short Term Accommodation Association (UKSTAA) and Founder & CEO of UnderTheDoormat Group

  James Brown, Head of Commercials & Partnerships of TrustedStays
  Dave Butler, Board of Directors of TrustedStays