To B or not to B Corp: what impact on the BTR Sector?

Join us for a webinar hosted by Andy Marshall of B Corp Certified Harrison Brands, exploring the benefits of B Corp certification in the Build to Rent (BTR) sector. Featuring a panel of BTR organisations either B Corp certified or in the process, the session will share experiences and insights on how certification impacts operations, stakeholder relationships, and brand perception.

Learn about the B Corp assessment process, which evaluates social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Discover the strategic advantages, such as enhanced tenant trust, improved employee engagement, and a competitive edge.

This webinar is ideal for those considering B Corp certification or interested in sustainable business practices.


Andy Marshall
Harrison Brands


Brent Stojanovic

Katie Cairns

Steff Wright
Gusto Group

Chris Whiley
Group Projects Director

Gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from industry leaders such as:

Understanding B Corp Certification: Gain an overview of the B Corp certification process, including the criteria for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, and its specific relevance to the BTR sector.

Operational Impact: Learn how B Corp certification can positively affect daily operations within BTR organisations, including best practices for implementing sustainable and ethical business practices.

Stakeholder Relationships: Discover how B Corp certification enhances relationships with tenants, employees, investors, and other stakeholders by building trust and demonstrating a commitment to high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Competitive Advantage: Understand the strategic advantages of being B Corp certified, such as improved brand perception, increased tenant loyalty, and a stronger position in the competitive BTR market.

Real-World Examples: Hear from BTR organisations that are B Corp certified or in the process of certification, sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Actionable Insights: Gain practical insights and actionable steps to begin or advance the journey toward B Corp certification in your own organisation

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