Effective Risk Management Solutions from PIB Risk Management

Some of you may have seen our recent webinar on managing risk in leisure facilities alongside our friends at Motive8. We were kindly invited to join Motive8 on this webinar following our appointment to audit a number of the pools and gyms that they maintain. As a result of the webinar we were introduced to UKAA and are delighted to now join as a member.

PIB Risk Management is a national risk management consultancy focused on providing simple, creative, yet effective solutions to risk management. Unlike other consultancies, we embrace the concept of “risk” in its wider sense. Our solutions cover areas such as business continuity planning, which may have become all too relevant to many organisations during the recent health crisis, human resources and of course the more typical health and safety issues. We are part of the PIB Group, one of the fastest growing insurance groups in the UK, based in Retford in Nottinghamshire, with offices in London, Midlands, North West, Yorkshire & Scotland.


Architectural details of modern apartment building.

We have been working with both commercial and residential property developers, contractors, and managing agents for a number of years and offer a range of health & safety support services from desktop audits of swimming pools at design stage, site inspections and CDM support during construction projects, through to full audits of developments when operational. We are also experienced in carrying out fire risk assessments and health and safety inspections on residential blocks of flats, student accommodation, supported living accommodation and retirement properties. But it is the leisure facilities we primarily want to talk about in the build to rent sector. So many modern developments include additional facilities such as pool, gyms, saunas, spas etc. It is important to have an appreciation of the hazards and risks to users of these facilities.

Things to consider could be monitoring, access control, inductions, emergency responses etc. as well as having all the correct documentation available such as risk assessments and pool safe operating procedures. Now, there is also Covid-19 to consider and the additional controls needed to keep facilities safe in the current climate. We have helped many clients with completing Covid-19 risk assessments and staying Covid secure since the easing of lockdown.

Our leisure facility audits assess the health and safety requirements common to swimming pools and gyms, the risk to life from swimming activities and wider associated areas including gym activities and how the risks are managed. Our audits use HSG 179 as a benchmark and we provide clear recommendations to improve the management of health and safety throughout the facilities.

We can also provide advice and guidance when required to ensure facilities are managed in the safest possible way. You may be thinking “Why have I never had to do this before?” or “I’m sure a hotel I stayed at once didn’t have anything in place” and you would be right to have these thoughts. We recognise that these types of facilities are not always getting the right management and we want to change that. Of course, you can carry on with the current procedures you have in place but ask yourself the question – is it likely to stop something going wrong or provide an adequate response? Just because it hasn’t gone wrong, it doesn’t mean it can’t go wrong in the future. Be proactive rather than reactive and set a high standard for the industry.

If you would like further information about PIB Risk Management and how we can help with leisure facilities safety, fire risk assessments or general health and safety support, please contact Russell Hatton on 07909257473 or [email protected].