UKAA CEO Brendan Geraghty complements UKAA role with appointment as NED of Cowan Architects

Brendan Geraghty, the CEO of UKAA (the UK Apartment Association) and registered Architect, has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director (NED) of Cowan Architects, East Grinstead.

Commencing immediately, the role will see Brendan advising Cowan on strategic direction and residential design, including in relation to the Build to Rent industry.

Cowan Architects provides creative sustainable solutions aimed at improving people’s lives. Their architecture spans numerous built environment sectors, to which they integrate the highest environmental design standards.

Brendan will undertake his role with Cowan alongside his UKAA CEO role. He brings his deep understanding of architecture, design and development strategy to the firm, built up through his experience with Centred Architecture, Optim and Geraghty Taylor Architects, as well as with UKAA.

A recognised Build to Rent thought leader, Brendan will continue to drive forward the UKAA’s mission to make Build to Rent an industry of choice for property professionals and a lifestyle of choice for customers.