UK SFA integrates into the ARL to create a single voice for Single-Family Rental in the UK

UK Single Family Association (UK SFA), the membership organisation for the single-family rental sector across the UK, will integrate into the Association for Rental Living (ARL), which represents all institutionally backed, professionally managed purpose-built rental living sectors including urban and suburban single-family and multi-family rental, co-living and later living, as of 10 June 2024. 

The integration of the UK SFA into the ARL consolidates the experience and expertise of both organisations and their members, creating one voice for single-family rental houses within the ARL which represents the whole purpose-built rental living sector. 

The move comes following the recent launch of the new ARL brand (formerly the UK Apartment Association – UKAA) which aptly reflects the organisation’s representation of all aspects of professionally managed Build to Rent, including single-family homes. 

“The UK SFA has helped raise the profile of single-family rental, which the ARL (as UKAA) has been representing since its formation in 2016. As single-family rental has grown and developed, the sector has now asked for a consolidated voice and this move creates that focal point in representing single-family rental in the UK.” 
Brendan Geraghty, CEO, ARL 

As of 10 June, existing UK SFA memberships will be transferred to the ARL with proposals underway to integrate UK SFA Board members into the ARL governance and committee structure to make best use of their experience and specialisation. UK SFA Chairman and Founder, Richard Berridge, will become Special Advisor for Single Family Housing for the ARL, bringing his forty years’ experience in the residential agency, development, and investment industries and Single Family Housing sector specialism to the role. 

The ARL Single Family Housing committee, chaired by David Reid, Managing Director of Legal & General’s Suburban Build-to-Rent business, will integrate the UK SFA, along with the previously announced integration of the British Property Federation’s single-family working group. This will create a genuinely unified and stronger voice for the sector, continuing both UK SFA’s and the ARL’s strong relationships with the BPF. 

The ARL has already brought together investors and operators of single-family houses with the house builders who deliver them, to create mutual understanding and collaboration, establishing long-term partnerships for new home delivery that meets the needs for professionally managed homes. 

Following the integrations of the UK SFA, the combined focus will be on driving engagement with policy makers and local authorities to improve understanding of the quality, diversity and value of suburban BTR delivery in providing high quality rental houses that meet local market needs. 

“The combination of the two organisations and their memberships will create a stronger platform for raising the profile and the recognition of the single-family rental sector. Together we shall promote its growth and development, highlighting the increased potential of single-family housing for demographic and geographic diversity, as well as its specific social purpose.” 
Brendan Geraghty, CEO, ARL 

“The majority of the country’s rental homes are houses, rather than apartments, and demand is growing in all areas, not just in urban centres. Single-Family Rental brings quality, secure choices for households who need more reliable rental options to suit their circumstances. It can also catalyse the wider delivery of all types of homes. We want to play a full part in addressing the housing crisis, and joining forces with the ARL will enable our mission of delivering ‘more homes, everywhere, for everyone’ to be boosted and strengthened into the future.”
Richard Berridge, CEO, UK SFA