***Press Release*** BoConcept launches new B2B website

BoConcept, the leading Danish furniture brand, has launched a new website dedicated to its B2B side of the business. With over 65 years experience, 300 retail outlets worldwide in more than 60 countries, BoConcept have for a long time been leaders in the retail furniture sector. Over recent years they have been developing the contract department and have ambitious plans of becoming one of the ‘go-to’ B2B furniture brands, with contract divisions around the globe including an award winning contract team based in London.

Michel Baumgart, Business and Contract Director said “We are thrilled to launch our new dedicated B2B website, which showcases our extensive expertise as well as the range of services we offer for the residential, hospitality and office segments.”

Within the BTR sector BoConcept have already delivered solutions for numerous operators including the likes of Get Living, Uncle and Imperial College. Their quality, together with the fact that their designs can be fully customised provides the perfect solution when operators want to create a special place for their tenants.

Speaking about the BTR market in the UK, Michel Baumgart said “Unlike many others in the industry we both design and manufacture our furniture, with today still over 90% of products still produced in Denmark and other parts of Europe. With international recognition and aspirational perception, our brand brings substantial added value to our partners achieving higher rental yields”


For more information visit BoConcept’s new website in the link below: