Webinar: How to start your Net Zero journey

Practical, operational and legal questions answered

Nick Proctor, Founder and CEO of Amber

In 2009, seeing that businesses were being overcharged and underserved by their energy consultants, Nick founded Amber to provide a genuine alternative. Fast-forward 13 years, he is a member of the UK Green Building Council taskforce, and Amber has grown into a B Corp-certified company with over 100 employees.

Tim Stephen, BTR specialist at Amber

Self-confessed customer service geek, asset manager, energy consultant and Net Zero enthusiast, Tim has over 25 years’ worth of experience in the property sector. At Amber, he acts as a translator between the property and energy sectors – passionately driving the former towards a greener future.


The journey to Net Zero

Teaming up with the UKAA, Amber hosted a webinar to discuss some of the operational challenges associated with achieving Net Zero.

For boardrooms of the future, Net Zero is going to be a big part of the agenda.

Interest around corporate responsibility and Net Zero is growing rapidly, with more building operators asking what the best way to achieve Net Zero really is.

In this webinar, we addressed some of the pressing operational and legal questions being asked right now.


  • What operational Net Zero is and how buildings can achieve it
  • What the Net Zero journey currently looks like for clients
  • Why it’s so important to get your Net Zero strategy sorted ASAP
  • How the fiscal and legislative landscape will reward more sustainable businesses

Watch the webinar