UKAA Webinar: Resident Engagement Demystified (Building Safety Act 2022)

Resident engagement is not just about communication but engaging with residents.

This webinar aims to not only educate on what success looks like but also to bring awareness on how it can fail. All too often resident engagement is seen as putting together a generic statement of intent and implementing that intent without fully understanding the implications and goals.

The aim is to demystify how resident engagement works in practice and share valuable insights on the dynamics.

Key elements:

• What is successful resident engagement?

• Falling into resident engagement entropy trap

• 5 dysfunctions of resident engagement practice

• How can resident engagement be made easy?

• Case study: what does successful resident engagement look like?

Recognising the variety of risks facing the BTR sector, the UKAA is establishing a working group to consider these risks, their potential impacts and how the sector needs to seek to mitigate them.  Alongside this the UKAA is running a series of webinars on the Building Safety Act.

UKAA Risk Working Group
The remit of this working group is to consider:

  • BTR enterprise risk
  • Design, specification and construction risk
  • Operational risk
  • Climate and environmental risk
  • Recruitment, education and training risk

To register your interest in joining this working group please contact Jude Cooper [email protected]


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