Heat networks: Smart metering made simple

Using an app gives residents a paperless experience and all the data they need

The UK’s rental scene is changing. Modern and connected build to rent (BTR) developments now offer scalable luxury to residents.

But the market is still relatively new, and for developers there is still no clear blueprint when it comes to what systems and products best suit their budgets and their residents’ needs.

What is clear is that based on expected regulation updates, paired with our national target of net zero carbon by 2050, heat networks are set for huge growth across all high-density housing developments, including BTR.

Additionally, even at this early stage, the demographic of residents BTR typically attracts is becoming clear. We estimate that some 90% of residents are aged between 18 and 30, so whatever options developers consider, it’s pretty clear who they need to have in mind.

Picture of woman sitting on a sofa looking at her phone

BTR demographics suggest the majority of residents are aged 18-30.

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