ARL Forums

ARL Forums are regular meetings enabling like-minded groups of BTR industry practitioners to share knowledge and insights, to learn from each other and from experts and sector leaders.

The ARL (formerly the UKAA) Forums have been created to provide a mechanism for groups of members from particular sectors of the BTR market to share knowledge, insights and learn from each other.  Originally established at the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020, they rapidly became vital opportunities to share challenges and get up to date information about what was happening directly from government, industry leaders and peers.

 Participation in a Forum is for ARL members only (and invited guests where appropriate).

The ARL now offers the following Forums:

Investor & Lender Forum

Chaired by Ashley Perry, Apache Capital

Our ARL Investor and Lender Forum is  specifically designed for investors and lenders to share experiences and learnings to address risk and improve certainty of returns. The Forum holds online sessions and in person meetings. Participation  is limited to  members from investor, owner and lending organisations.

If you are an ARL member working in this sector and would like to be added to the invitation list for future events please:


Operator Forum

Chaired by Gareth Bone, Regional Operations Manager, Quintain Living

The Operations Forum is specifically set up to appeal to operational staff who live and breath the day to day operations within the Residential sector – the Forum provides the platform for these operators to discuss and share the ever-changing landscape of front-line operations and the associated challenges, experience, best practice and insights, with the ultimate goal of improving the processes that support staff and customer experience. Focused on front line staff to share experiences and have healthy debates and drive engagement, especially junior members and those in customer-facing roles.


Supplier Forum

Chaired by Edward Grimshaw,  Regal Blinds

An opportunity for suppliers from all parts of the value chain to come together to share with each other and get insights into  the BTR market from sector leaders. The Supplier Forum has a particular focus on improving procurement practices and better utilisation of suppliers’ expertise in BTR design and development. Participation is welcomed from all supplier members of the ARL. If you are an ARL supplier member and would like to be added to the invitation list for future events please:


Senior Leader Forum

From time to time The ARL will also convene meetings of the Senior Leader Forum. which is Chaired by Lesley Roberts, The ARL Chair. These meetings are arranged on topics of sector wide and national importance and will be advertised on the UKAA /ARL website and via direct communication with members.

Please contact the [email protected] if there is a particular topic that you would like a Forum to cover.

As a guide we suggest one representative from each organisation per relevant Forum (although substitutions can attend as necessary).