UKAA Awards 2023

The UKAA Awards in 2023 recognise the people who have or are making significant contributions to the BTR sector and outstanding customer experience.

The UKAA Awards focus on just two categories, to be presented at a Celebration event after the Annual Conference on 2 November.

These awards reflect a key role of the UKAA in representing the BTR sector – that of promoting excellence, quality and best practice in BTR.


Lifetime achievement/recognition – recognition of long-standing contribution to the BTR sector

We are looking for nominations of individuals who represent the core values of the BTR sector, and who have consistently delivered outstanding contributions to the growth of the sector or had a significant impact in raising awareness and improving the perception of the sector.

Rising star – recognition of an individual who has shown great promise and outstanding development in the BTR sector. 

We are looking for nominations of individuals who are earlier in their careers in BTR and represent the core values of the BTR sector, demonstrating drive and initiative in improving the quality of BTR delivery.

Nominations for both awards can be from any part of the sector – from investors, operators, consultants or suppliers who have demonstrated drive and initiative to improve the customer experience, to deliver social value, or to promote the value of BTR to customers or influential stakeholders.

How to nominate

Please email [email protected] with the name, position and company name of the nominee, citing the key reasons why you feel they are deserving of recognition, highlighting the key achievements and contributions they have made to the BTR sector.

Submissions to be no longer than 500 words. Deadline for submissions: 13 October 2023.


UKAA Whole Life Costing Awards –  The UKAA recognises that the rapid rise of environmental criteria in the property sector is having a significant impact on investors investment decisions. This is translatng into a focus on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Whole Life Costing (WLC) which the Build to Rent Sector needs to respond to. The UKAA WLC Hub have been working on this agenda for well over a year now and subsequent discussions have led to the development of three Awards Categories: 

1. The Development Phase 

2. The Supply Chain 

3. The Operational Phase 

UKAA Whole Life Costing Awards Criteria

How to nominate

Please email [email protected] with entries for the UKAA Whole Life Costing Awards. Deadline for submissions: 13 October 2023.

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Annual Build to Rent Conference & Awards 2023


About the UKAA 2023 Awards Celebration

The UKAA 2023 Awards Celebration will be held after the UKAA Annual BTR Conference 2023, from 5.30 pmat etc.Venues, Houndsditch, London.

Hear the winners of the coveted UKAA People Awardsand the Whole Life Costing Awards announced, network and celebrate all that is great in BTR.

The evening celebration includes buffet style food andentertainment. High-tables or private areas can be booked by contacting Emma on [email protected]

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