Car Park Storage Offer

CPS offer members VEBOX storage for 1 - 6 months

Claim the Offer

As a special opportunity for UKAA members, Car Park Storage is pleased to offer you a free (zero cost and no obligation) 6-month trial of VEBOX car space storage cabinets.



The trial offer is:

  • Up to 3 VEBOX ULTRA (60mins+ fire protected) cabinets – that provide 90 cubic feet of storage each.
  • First 6 months free – with No obligation for the Resident (Customer) or the Client (Operator).
  • It is your choice whether during the 6-month trial you wish to lease the VEBOX to your customers or offer them the storage as a free trial / competition prize / incentive.
  • Smart / keyless locks are optional (e.g. SALTO, Paxton or another brand smart lock that is compatible with your existing building smart access system – subject to site and technology suitability)
  • Delivered and installed onsite – within UK mainland
  • Marketing materials provided by CPS (online and / or printed)

“Our goal is simply to provide you with our VEBOX cabinets in order to demonstrate that extra onsite storage is an amenity that your customers will use and value AND that the cabinets can provide a significant increase in the yield from your existing car spaces, whether your car park is at full take-up or whether you have a number of unused car spaces available for alternative use.” CPS

If you would like to trial VEBOX in areas other than within the car spaces, e.g. in a double / stacked configuration in unused areas of the car park or your property, we would be pleased to discuss this with you.


Please note this trial offer of 3 units for free for 6 months is limited to a maximum of 5 members / sites, so if you would like to trial the cabinets at zero cost, please do not delay in contacting Car Park Storage.