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Since 2001, SALTO Systems has been delivering state-of-the-art keyless wire-free, wireless and mobile electronic access control solutions and has established a strong presence in the rapidly growing Build To Rent market.

Serviced apartments and co-living spaces present special security and operations challenges to owners and managers needing to provide renters with a seamless access control experience. A serviced or co-living community can have a continuously-changing customer base that comes and goes according to varying schedules. But what would be virtually impossible to manage with mechanical keys is quite easily managed with smart, secure, wireless, and mobile electronic locking solutions from SALTO.

Digitalisation and new technologies are transforming the world of rental properties and the access control market. SALTO is synonymous with innovative solutions that set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility, and design that bring real-world benefits. Our pioneering SALTO Virtual Network SVN data-on-card and technology platforms and SALTO KS solution provide stand-alone, smart locking solutions that continue to set SALTO apart.

SALTO’s recent technological expertise has brought SALTO to leading positions in both cloud-based access control technology and mobile access solutions which work together to deliver comprehensive access control solutions for the Build To Rent market in particular.

Whether it’s a single building or a large development project with multiple buildings in diverse locations, SALTO enables you to manage access rights to multiple sites on a single platform quickly, simply and efficiently.

SALTO helps give Build To Rent developers and operators the security and scalability they need and provides customers with smarter keyless access that delivers the convenience, flexibility and security they need in today’s rental world.

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