Welcome to new members Hybrid

Hybrid are delighted to be part of the UKAA, and work with its members to help shape the future of the Build To Rent sector

Our facilities management team are specialised in the Build To Rent sector and fully understands the complexity of running a BTR facility and the importance of keeping these compliant and operational. We also know having a PPM schedule in place means nothing gets overlooked, all members of staff can see what’s planned in, and when. We provide solutions and services to allow our customers to concentrate on their business and not their buildings. We know that when done properly, PPM maximises the value of your property by helping operate efficiently in full working order as long as possible.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to develop robust systems to manage facilities to prevent any down time in systems. We also ensure that all H&S statuary compliance is met across the building, from emergency lighting to fire alarms. We design bespoke maintenance plans for all the facilities we work with taking into account the pain points of our customers. This bespoke way of working creates a positive relationship between the dedicated point of contact at Hybrid, the GM, and all the building staff, allowing clear and honest communication at all times.

We believe the best way to manage a facility is to have a comprehensive PPM strategy. We also understand that things don’t always go to plan, which is why we have a dedicated Reactive team on hand for our customers when the unexpected happens. It’s this level of support and planning that has seen us go from strength to strength in the BtR market.

We often get asked two questions regarding PPM –


“How can this reduce my costs?”

PPM creates savings against reactive repairs, for example a building could have a roof leak. Over a period of time this leak can start to damage the roof, the insulation or even the supporting structure. Waiting for assets to fail before replacing them will almost always end up costing more than maintaining them in the first place.

Having a strategy for maintenance allows you to accurately budget for the long term.


 “Are there any other benefits, apart from financial savings?”

In short, yes. In our experience, properties with a PPM schedule in place not only look better, but they also last longer too. This should make the building more attractive to potential residence and could increase occupancy versus a similar property that isn’t as well maintained.

We also find that the worry and stress of waiting for a bill to arrive for a repair is eliminated. With the PPM schedule we will be able to predict any failures and deal with them before they create a larger problem on site. It also means your day to day running of site should be smoother, knowing when work is going ahead means you can alert residence sooner, giving them the satisfaction that they know they are valued and considered.