UKAA welcomes opportunity to consult on Greater Manchester Good Landlord Charter

The UKAA (UK Apartment Association) has welcomed the opportunity to consult on Greater Manchester’s Good Landlord Charter.

The Charter, announced 8th January 2024, has been proposed by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to drive up rental standards in the city region and tackle rogue landlords. Under the Charter’s proposals, landlords of all types and sizes will be able to sign up to show their commitment to delivering an affordable, inclusive, private and secure, responsive, safe and decent, supportive and well-managed rental experience. The Charter will also provide tenants with the right to request a council inspection of their property if standards are not being met.

We wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to consult on the market-leading Good Landlord Charter in Greater Manchester. The Charter is excellent news for both landlords and renters in the Manchester city region and the UKAA looks forward to responding accordingly on behalf of our members.  – Brendan Geraghty, CEO, UKAA

The Manchester Good Landlord Charter aligns closely with the UKAA’s work on a Code of Practice for the Build to Rent (BTR) sector. Due to go live in spring 2024, the UKAA Code of Practice will define the standards to which purpose-built, professionally managed accommodation providers work in the UK. The draft Code of Practice was launched for consultation at the UKAA Annual Build to Rent Conference in November 2023, with action points from the conference and subsequent comments currently being incorporated into the final Code.

Fundamental to the UKAA Code of Practice is a commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. The document defines not just the conduct of the BTR sector but its culture, covering professional standards, customer service and fair treatment – all of which BTR tenants should be able to expect as standard.

Dougie Orton-Wade, Chair of the UKAA North West Hub, is one of those committed to both the UKAA Code of Practice and the Manchester Good Landlord Charter. With a lively, packed membership list and an active BTR professional community (Manchester is currently home to 11,528 operational BTR homes, according to UKAA member Cortland Consult), the North West Hub is already doing much to promote high standards in regional BTR homes. Orton-Wade comments:

“The Manchester Good Landlord Charter has the potential to protect renters in the area, as well as to support those landlords who are providing an excellent rental experience. We welcome the principles of the Charter and hope that, along with the UKAA Code of Practice, it can serve as an inspiration for other regions around the UK.”

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