UKAA launches training for the Private Rental Sector

Recognising that improving standards of service is the key to professionalising the residential rental sector, the UK Apartment Association (UKAA) has kick-started its ambitious training programme with a focus on customer service. The UKAA is the first membership organisation that brings together all stakeholders of the professional rental market and helps share best practice for this fast evolving sector.

Designed specifically for the private rental sector, the training programme will help operators focus on putting the renters at the centre of their business. The training is delivered by the UKAA’s training partner Livewire Experientialists, experts in hospitality and global specialists in property industry training.

Chief Executive of the UKAA, Michael Green comments: “As well as providing a much-needed platform for the professional rental sector, the UKAA’s remit is to drive up professional standards and our educational training sessions are a central part of that. The importance of providing high levels of customer service cannot be overstated, indeed as the UK rental market evolves, customers will become increasingly discerning and will demand a certain standard of service that is not currently being delivered. We are delighted to have partnered Livewire, who have extensive experience in the multi-family market and from whom our members will be able to learn a huge amount.”

The invaluable training programme is aimed at staff at all levels, for operators and suppliers across the rental industry. It focuses on the essential skills that should become second nature to all resident-facing employees. The course is delivered in four modules, each of which takes half a day and builds to an accredited Institute of Training and Occupational Learning Certificate, making it a vital part of professional development for employees. Training is tailored for each company and delivered at their premises for convenience.

Delegates undertaking the programme will learn essential skills through which they will be able to deliver a better level of service that will help strengthen the brand and portfolio. They will also learn how to handle challenging customers and situations, undertake some remote mystery shopping and gain insight through lessons from global partners.

Audra Lamoon, Managing Director at Livewire Experientialists comments: “The property industry can learn a huge amount from the retail, hotel and leisure sectors in terms of providing outstanding levels of service and understanding hospitality and branding. This training aims to empower everyone providing services within the private rental sector to really embrace and deliver on the brand promise and customer experience. Done right, through memorable customer service, operators can make their developments stand out and become the destination of choice.”

To find out more and to book a training course please contact Emma Henderson.

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