UKAA CEO takes part in webinar as insights from HomeViews’ 2023 Sustainability Report revealed

In line with the UKAA’s manifesto commitment to ESG within BTR, CEO, Brendan Geraghty, took part in a webinar about the HomeViewsSustainability Report 2023 alongside Richard Smith, Managing Director of Moda Living, and HomeViews CEO and Co-founder Rory Cramer.

The importance of culture and resident behaviour in creating fully sustainable buildings was a key discussion point. Listen to Brendan’s thoughts here:

Key insights from the report included:

  • 70% of residents in 2022-23 said they valued sustainable building features, up from 68% in 2021-22
  • Residents in BTR schemes value sustainable features more than those in BTS developments
  • Younger age brackets valued sustainability the least, but showed the most increase in interest YoY

You can download your copy of the HomeViews Sustainability Report 2023 to find more insights like these, or view the recording of the webinar.