The Building Safety Act – Stepping through the Gateways

The seminar considered the new gateway Regime and the need for effective and efficient management of information and documentation.

It considered the Government’s proposed transition arrangements and the risks associated with these looking at the need to have not only documents but arrangements in place early on in the process.  In addition, the seminar considered the type and nature of vast amount of information (key building, golden thread and safety case information) that will be required as developers and clients pass through the hard stop arrangements which the gateway system impose.  This included information through the briefing stages, design, construction, handover moving into the in-use part of the building lifecycle.

The seminar also considered how such information can be managed through the use of technology and software and provided a number of examples of solutions that can support clients as they manage this process which is not just about document storage but rather the management of information and the risks emanating from the activities that provide such information.

The seminar considered the need for effective assurance of the information available and the need to verify such information as these will be scrutinized by others including regulators and residents.

Finally, the seminar briefly considered a case study based upon the authors experience of supporting clients through the process to date including recommending the need for clients and others to undertake a gap analysis and start work on meeting the requirements now.

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