The BTRs – Who doesn’t like to be appreciated?

When you go the extra mile for somebody – may that be a customer, family member, friend, a neighbour, or even a stranger on the street – how good does it feel to receive a heartfelt “Thank you”? Or to hear a genuine “Well done, great work”?  “I appreciate your help”? The list could go on…

In general: it’s just great to feel appreciated – and make others feel good!

With this concept in mind The Property Recruitment Company have joined forces with The UKAA to recognise the individuals behind the Build To Rent (BTR) schemes they proudly represent.

This is to celebrate all those people who are ambassadors of high service standard and put it at the core of everything they do, committed to providing the best service and the best care for others. After all, the communities and the sector they work in thrive thanks to them, their commitment and hard work!

What a better way to show them some appreciation?

The BTRs are open to anyone who operates within the sector: whether you’re a supplier, operator, investor, broker, consultant, developer – as long as you’re involved in any way with the BTR industry, then these awards are for you and your team.

Oh, almost forgot! The benefit of the BTRs isn’t only in the recognition itself.

They’ve also been designed to champion best practice and help foster a culture of sharing across the UK’s fastest growing property class.

Seems like a win-win for everyone!

Now, a further look into the categories:

Site team of the year
for those teams who work in symbiosis, where all the individual efforts go toward a greater goal: team success!
– Leasing legend of the year
words such as “impossible” or “unleasable” don’t exist in their vocabulary, and if they existed they shouldn’t be said. Leasing legends lease anything they come across, including the air they breathe.
If you can think of anyone matching the description, this award should go to him/her!

– Site staff member of the year
for those individuals who simply won’t “stop until they get it done”, who strive to follow the procedures and always offer ways of improving them.
– Unsung hero
Think of a tireless cleaner, a super helpful yet shy maintenance operator, a super creative interior designer who’s made wonders turning that gloomy broom closet into a stunning phone booth.
We all know an unsung hero!

– Community Initiative of the year
anything incredible launched within your community? And how has it improved the community’s life as a whole?
– Employer of the year
Usually as an employer you feel accountable for providing your staff with recognition and appreciation. But what if employees gave employers an award for being awesome?
They surely deserve some recognition too!

– Customer service award
For that individual with highly developed people skills who provides everyone – literally EVERYONE – with great customer service. Doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or cloudy outside, they carry their own weather.

The closing date for nominations is Tuesday 14th April 2020. Get your nominations in now.

Also, the awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 30th June from 6:30pm at Jack’s Bar in Waterloo (London). Get your tickets here:

Remember: it’s great to feel great so let’s make others feel great!