Sky joins the BTR camp

The Sky Property Partnerships programme has been designed as a fresh take on our ongoing commitment to work together, to deliver the best-in-class service our audience has come to expect.

Our nationwide team can help you connect your residents to Sky, putting the content and products they love at the heart of the home with some of the best deals on the market.

We are confident that the Sky brand adds a huge amount of value to your client journeys and of course, your bottom line.

By working together, you will be offering a Sky product portfolio that is already enjoyed by over 12 million UK households and unlocking an amazing range of partner offers for your market; all with a customer journey specifically tailored to your industry. We combine this proposition with a generous commercial model, ensuring that everyone we work with, be that residents and partners stand to see maximum value.

To become a Sky Property Partner, reach out to us below for the next steps

Louisa Dabbs on 07890 605 398 / [email protected]

[email protected]