Leading UK landlords saw a 54% reduction in void time and a 3.5% per annum increase in rental income during pilot program

LONDON – 15th March, 2023 – Plentific, the world’s leading real-time property solution, today announced the launch of Voids Management Solution to help property owners and operators automate and expedite the turnaround time in between tenancies.

Available as part of the real-time dashboard within the Plentific platform, clients can now manage all aspects of unit turnover to significantly decrease vacancy time and reduce rent loss while keeping more habitable units within the housing supply.

Plentific’s end-to-end voids management solution demonstrates the power of a single platform approach. Empowering users to configure templates, customise their voids procedures, leverage built-in inspections, find approved contractors and manage all ongoing voids through a single, real-time dashboard.

Plentific’s new Voids Management offering, for the European and US markets, respectively, make it possible to:

  • Make real-time decisions based on actionable insights – Simplify prioritisation of due and overdue work, and see a snapshot of all voids projects, work orders and tasks through a real-time dashboard
  • Customise procedures based on best practices – Set up and standardise time consuming procedures through a growing library of templates created by property managers
  • Conduct inspections in parallel – Save additional time by integrating voids inspections forms and processes in parallel via Plentific’s Inspections app
  • Turn findings into work orders – Quickly and efficiently resolve issues found by seamlessly turning inspection findings into work orders 
  • Find vetted contractors easily – Instantly action work orders via the Plentific Marketplace, through an internal workforce or with appointed contractors
  • Track and manage spending in real-time – Ensure voids projects are delivered within agreed budget through built-in financial tracking
  • Continuously optimise voids process – Get actionable insights and reporting allows for continuous optimisation of voids management against completion time, financial performance and volume of voids

“At Plentific, we are passionate about new innovations that have a real impact on communities across the globe. The introduction of our Voids Management Solution directly addresses a pressing challenge in the sector and enables us to improve the lives of tenants as they occupy their homes earlier than previously possible,” said Cem Savas, CEO and Co-Founder, Plentific.

Learn more about Voids Management Solution and the solutions offered by Plentific to landlords and property managers.

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