Movebubble’s Big Platform Update!

Having already changed and improved the renting experience for modern renters, Movebubble is changing again – introducing a platform overhaul that stands to impress both their renters and partners alike.

Movebubble began life as an idea in the heads of three frustrated renters, who quickly realised that the renting experience shouldn’t and didn’t have to be as difficult as they were finding it.

Fast forward to the present day – after much hard work, research and development – Movebubble is now a huge success, catering to over half a million renters; making their renting experience simple, streamlined, easy-to-manage and all available at the tips of their fingers.

What changes are coming?

Movebubble 2.0 – available to renters and partners on Friday 14th February – features lots of exciting updates that will certainly help Movebubble to continue to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Renters can expect:

  • An enhanced chat experience including double ticks and more visibility of when agents are online
  • More homes to be discovered through huge changes to the algorithm, allowing renters to more easily find their perfect home
  • Stronger filters enabling renters to refine their options much more specifically

Changes for Movebubble partners (including Build-to-Rent operators) include:

  • Upgraded renter profiles, providing partners with more detailed information about the renters, their current situation and what they’re looking for in a new home
  • More visibility on how they’re performing against their competition and others in their team, helping them to understand the areas in which they need to improve and enabling them to climb to the top and take position as a top Movebubble partner

This is just the beginning of what already looks set to be a fantastic year for Movebubble.

Later in 2020, further updates can be expected to take renters and partners’ renting and letting experiences to the next level.