Movebubble research reveals a post-lockdown life revolution: Brits commit to big changes in the wake of Coronavirus

From career changes and re-evaluating relationships to moving home and makeovers - a new study by UKAA member Movebubble reveals that lockdown is leaving Brits longing to shake up their lives 

New research has found that nine long weeks cooped up at home has given rise to deep thinking amongst Britons about their hopes, dreams, careers, lifestyles and relationships, post-coronavirus. One in three Britons have reevaluated their lives with 20% vowing to commit to a ‘life reboot’, more than one in ten planning to change jobs to seek something more ‘meaningful’ and another 20% to exercise more regularly and learn a new language. Lockdown has shone a powerful light on the value of outdoors. One in ten would like to move to a property with an outdoor space such as a garden, terrace, balcony or patio when the lockdown lifts – perhaps in preparation of a dreaded second spike arriving.  Internal search data from over 650,000 users of Movebubble property rental app supports this finding.  The UK’s video-first rental app, shows that searches for properties with bike storage are up 1500%, reflecting a greater appreciation of the outdoors, exercise, demand for mobility and fear of catching coronavirus on public transport. Meanwhile an 193% uplift in searches for properties with a garden and a 204% increase in properties with a terrace since the lockdown began. After months of queuing in a single file to do the weekly supermarket shop, more than ten per cent of the 1000 who took part in the study in May, said they would adopt ‘A Good Life’ approach and grow their own fruit and veg.  In addition20 per cent declared they had re-evaluated their relationships with their partner, friends and family. It also seems a sizable percentage will emerge as a ‘new me’ following a post virus makeover which will involve a different hairdo or a different ‘look’.  But on a positive note, around six per cent of respondents admitted they enjoyed the community spirit generated within the block or area they live in during the Coronavirus crisis. The study was carried out by Movebubble, who recently launched their ‘Home Walkthroughs’ feature on the app – a first-of-its-kind property video viewing function which reduces in-person contact by removing the need to view a property physically. Since the launch of Home Walkthroughs, Movebubble has seen over 12,000 renters search the virtual video viewings platform, and following the government reopening the housing market, the video-first rental platform is tracking a day by day increase of 20% of people using Home Walkthroughs to find their next rental property. Aidan Rushby, CEO of Movebubble, which carried out the study said: “The shock of coronavirus sweeping the globe has forced us into a total re-evaluation of our lives from top to bottom.   “We have noticed a seismic shift in rental behaviour, with a readiness to adopt new ways of moving by using mobile and video technology. “Over the past 18 months, we have recorded a 1300% increase in renters showing intent to virtually view or transact online. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this change in consumer behaviour dramatically. “Since the lockdown came into effect, not only have we seen behaviour rapidly adapting to video viewings – but we can also see a pattern of desires coming to light in the search for a new home.  “At Movebubble, we know renters and what they want, and our internal data shows evident post-Corona trends in property priorities – with an overwhelming desire in renters wanting open spaces, fresh air and nature.” Movebubble’s figures reveal the rise of the ‘corona couple’, with romances revving up and accelerating during lockdown – with more couples looking to move in together under these unprecedented circumstances – as searches for solo properties have dropped with people looking to move in with their partner, rather than live separately throughout lockdown. Rushby added: “In the wake of Coronavirus, life as we know it has permanently changed and social distancing is set to become a longstanding aspect in our society.  “As we evolve and adapt to new ways of working and living, video viewings will become the new norm, paving the way to solve many of the problems around physical viewings.” “In fact, at Movebubble, we predict that by 2025, physical property viewings in the rental market will become a thing of the past – with all viewings taking place virtually via smartphone. “With our Home Walkthroughs function, we are looking to empower the renter – enabling them to confidently virtually view as many properties as they’d like, all from the safety and security of their current home. “Our app allows renters to virtually step through different rooms in the property and view a series of short 15 – 45 sec video clips that are designed to connect with the consumer and offer a fully unfiltered viewing – with zero human contact.”