Mindfolio – We Blend Vision with Insights & Analytics

MindFolio is a highly regarded consultancy that blends visioning with insights and analytics. We work with some of the biggest land owners and operators to shape communities and places the world over.


Every built-environment project brings its own unique challenges to solve. To do this, we employ a systematic approach to identify hidden opportunities and threats, create surprising answers to complex questions, deliver evidence and verify the value generated by the proposed outcomes.


All of this is made possible because we built a network of skills –a diverse ‘portfolio of minds’ -not readily found in the real estate industry. Our team merges Behavioural and Data Science, Digital Platform Development, Urban Design, senior Real Estate expertise, C-Level stewardship of three global brands and hands-on knowledge about creating and running retail, leisure and entertainment attractions. Our extensive residential experience is gained across the UK, USA and Middle East.


But though we’re uniquely placed to support the BTR sector, we don’t run a BTR playbook. One size does not fit all! Our meticulous work is thoughtful, discrete, and entirely bespoke to the challenge at hand and if we face a particularly hard nut to crack, we invite amazing talents to work with us until ‘Eureka’ is ours…


We look forward to meeting new friends and acquaintances here with the UKAA.