Managing property in the time of Covid by Viewber


Covid-19 Virus and realty concept on display illustration investment.


Everything’s changed and nothing’s changed. Everything because Covid has given momentum to looking at new systems. Nothing because clients or investors still expect the same quality with improving returns.

Improving returns and quality at the same time are NOT mutually exclusive.

Staffing is always a compromise – received wisdom says you can’t have enough staff for peaks but for some of the year many will be twiddling their thumbs, not any more.
That’s what I thought when running a large agency and is why I left to start Viewber. The idea of being able to book sensible staff to bolster your service when it’s needed is exactly why it exists. It’s taken four years and 125,000 appointments, but now a national network of thousands of trained and vetted ‘Viewbers’ – all bookable online, means you need only employ enough to maintain a minimum service level and add to it when necessary. You can book block/single inspections, support a weekend launch when busy and get 360 tours or virtual viewings done whilst we’re all stuck in the ‘will we or won’t we’ lockdown scenario. Whether you’re an owner or operator, maintaining your sites and developments means not only keepjng them staffed, but also keeping them safe.

It’s the perfect solution to growing and maintaining your business whilst increasing returns – we’re already trialling with some of the biggest names in your sector so why don’t you too, for free.