How can we Improve Customer Service? By Audra Lamoon, Livewire

The experience economy is here to stay…but you have to make the customer/resident experience count financially, as well as physically. At Livewire, we aim to bridge the gap between experience and ROI by crafting tailored learning and performance processes that sustain the brand, your reputation and safeguard the new build to rent landscape.

In the Build to Rent sector most companies survival depends on delivering high levels of hospitality, experience and service. We are all able to swap experiences and discuss trends, but we should engage our staff in bespoke learning and performance activities to stay ahead of the game. It would be more than beneficial to know what your property and your service offering are in reality, and having this critiqued and tested is critical.

Creating advocates through superior customer service is key. As the build to rent sector grows it becomes more and more crucial to identify how to improve on customer service. While the UKAA has identified improving standards at all levels, it is essential to personalise the residential experience, so who could help our members do this? Livewire identifies resident profiles and understands the reality of living with you, crafting a programme that includes dealing with difficult situations and resolving issues while keeping the relationships and brand intact.

Livewire has worked with many major players and Apartment Associations across our industry in the US and UK and have proven positive results. They bring focussed hospitality expertise from the hotel, retail, sport and leisure sectors and those clients include The Braves, The Walt Disney Company, CBRE, Matrix Residential, North American Properties, Sir Robert McAlpine and Hines etc. Your properties feed into communities, adding to the economies and so having your physical presence with knowledge, management skills and the people with the will to serve is critical. Give us your people and we will give you a learning experience that you can take straight back to the workplace.

The UKAA have partnered with us as we are expert training providers, we are offering UKAA members a bespoke training programme to provide excellent customer service. This will be tailored to your company needs, vision and values. If you would like to inquire about putting a package together for your brand, people and service, please contact Emma Henderson by emailing [email protected] or take a look at our Livewire Brochure 2018 UK.

“People pay and stay for stellar service, there are no rewards for mediocrity”

Audra Lamoon, MD Livewire Performance