Car Park Storage – An extra 90 cubic feet of storage. Instantly.

“I have too much storage.”

Said by a BTR customer. Never.


“This cabinet is HUGE. It’s life-changing.”

Said by our customers. Frequently.




 IN CASE YOU’RE IN A HURRY…Important Point 1:

BTR customers, like everyone who lives in a modern apartment, need and want more storage. It’s also actually important for their wellbeing.*

Important Point 2:

Introducing huge storage cabinets within the car spaces can increase the yield of a car space by +30% to +100%. That sounds like a big claim – however, the product and the maths is pretty simple (which we are happy to walk through with you).

Important Point 3:

Whether a BTR car park is already full to 100% capacity or has issues with too many empty spaces, there are various storage cabinet configurations and options for BTR operators that can significantly increase the yield of the car park, no matter what the current take-up status is.



A challenge shared by modern apartment dwellers across the UK (and the world) is a lack of storage.

Whether it is bikes inside the front door, suitcases filling up the wardrobe, golf bags on the balcony or archive boxes under the bed, it is very rare indeed for an apartment resident to not feel like they could do with some extra storage.

A lack of storage has become especially acute in 2021, when we combine the long term trends of having minimal built-in wardrobes within apartments, the shift towards working from home more frequently and the explosion of online shopping making it easier and quicker to accumulate household items. In short, we are spending more time indoors, with more clutter.

It’s important to note that an apartment renter doesn’t necessarily need a whole storage room to themselves – just a massive cupboard or huge cabinet of say… 90 cubic feet.



At 90 cubic feet, VEBOX storage cabinets provide renters with the ideal secure storage solution for bikes, suitcases, archive boxes, sporting goods and bulky household items that clog-up their living space.

For BTR operators, the VEBOX smart car space storage cabinets can be bought or leased. The VEBOX can be positioned on it’s unique, driver-friendly legs within a car space or stacked as a Double within car spaces. VEBOX ULTRA is the only car space storage cabinet fire tested by the FPA (Fire Protection Association) that provides 60mins+ fire protection.

An interesting fact: It is possible to position 8 huge VEBOX cabinets within two adjacent car spaces, which if leased to residents at £50 pm can generate £400 pm revenue from 2 car spaces. Those 2 car spaces may otherwise typically generate £100 pm each (which is where the +100% revenue increase can be achieved).

If improving your customer’s quality of life, introducing a useful, innovative amenity and increasing the yield from your building are a priority, then we would be pleased to have a chat.

If none of those appeal, then we look forward to meeting you at the next UKAA event and having a chat anyway. Given what’s going on in the world right now – there’s no shortage of interesting topics to discuss. And the thrill of standing and talking to real people will be excitement enough, regardless of the topic.



If improving customer wellbeing is a priority, then extra storage will help. You don’t have to take our word for it – the experts have done a study on it. You can check that out here… and for the removal of any doubt, we had nothing to do with this study. We just saw it in the news in December and sent them a thanks!

Let’s follow the science…