Bringme, the digital concierge that attracts tenants to your newly built flats

With Bringme’s digital concierge for apartment buildings, residents can safely welcome visitors from anywhere and dispose of a contact free shopping and parcel service. Our cutting-edge and beautifully designed products are connected to an intuitive app that brings home a whole new level of security and convenience both for companies and residents.

With Bringme, our customers save a substantial amount of time and money, enjoy a high degree of safety, hygiene and privacy and contribute to a sustainable, CO2-neutral environment.

Much More Than a Parcel Service

Bringme’s digital concierge consists of a series of smart products: the Bringme Box, for contactless parcel and mail delivery, the Bringme Bell, to receive couriers and visitors from a distance, and the Bringme One Key For All, opening multiple communal doors ànd the residents’ apartment door. This means that your residents can receive their parcels without any form of physical contact: couriers simply deliver their parcel to the Bringme Box in the entrance hall. The box itself provides the courier with a digital signature, and at the same time notifies the resident of the delivery via the Bringme App. Deliveries are securely completed every time reducing visits by courier, parcels going missing and the time spent by operational teams on managing deliveries. Bringme also offers similar solutions for offices and coworking spaces.


Back view of a deliverer ringing on intercom at gate of a customer’s house while delivering packages.

How To Make a Difference on the BTR Market

With Bringme’s digital concierge in your project, social distancing and contact-free delivery are easily respected and safety and hygiene are reinforced. This is how you make the difference on today’s market. The digital concierge distinguishes you from the competition as a real estate developer and attracts tenants to your properties because of the increased well-being and additional safety.

Save Money With An All-On-One-Solution

Bringme’s digital concierge allows you to save on your construction costs.  Using the all-in-one-solution by integrating access control, separate letterboxes, parcel compartments, the doorbell panel and more eliminates the time and cost intensive project management of different subcontractors. By adding to the comfort and convenience of your tenants, you can save money at the same time.

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