BPF and UKAA collaborate to take forward institutionally backed BTR houses

The BPF (British Property Federation) and UKAA (UK Apartment Association) have announced collaboration on behalf of the Build to Rent (BTR) single-family housing sector.

UKAA has held a number of roundtables with investors, operatorsand housebuilders for the past year, leading to the formation of a committee to drive forward policy initiatives for the sector. The BPF has also been active in this space hosting a roundtable and supporting Savills to produce a research report and is in the process of developing a briefing for government stakeholders.

Now these workstreams will be combined, with the UKAA establishing a formal committee to lead on behalf of BTR Houses, working with the BPF to provide a single voice for the sector.

The work will bring together investors and operators of single-family houses with the house builders who deliver them, to create mutual understanding and collaboration that can establish long-term partnerships for new home delivery that meets the needs for professionally managed homes.

The collaboration will also drive engagement with policy makers and local authorities to improve understanding of the quality and value of BTR houses delivery in providing high quality rental homes that meet local market needs.

The next meeting on this working group will take place in February.  Details to follow.