AI isn’t the future of Build To Rent, it’s already here

Forward-thinking build to rent developers like Get Living and JLL are using Lobster, the advanced conversational AI platform from EBI.AI, to eliminate the most stressful or mundane parts of routine property management, but also uncover the simplicity of co-living in the city in the 2020s to make it an exciting, memorable experience for their residents.


Because having AI in your apartments isn’t just a fancy feature, it’s a whole new way of life ― for you and your customers.

You can use Lobster AI to do things like book property viewings, move new residents into an apartment without any help from your agents and, as they settle in and enjoy their new place, instantly answer any questions they have about the building or contract. This frees up your time to deal with the more delicate or urgent elements of your work that need the human touch.

An AI assistant can live anywhere. On your website, your phone line, on smart speakers in your apartments, on mobile, your social media channels, or all of those places. And AI is always there to help your customers, 24/7, through the day or night.


Make your build to rent apartments smarter, more enjoyable and easier to manage

JLL knew that if they used AI to handle just 25% of their routine maintenance calls at one site, they’d no longer have to hire people to manage manual admin processes, and property managers would have more time to work on upgrading and enhancing living experiences. EBI.AI linked up Lobster to JLL’s maintenance calendar and in the first month, JLL more than doubled their goal with 60% of residents using the AI assistant to help fix their maintenance problems, preferring this to picking up the phone or sending an email to the property manager.

>> Read the case study

At Get Living, they didn’t want anything to hold residents back from feeling settled in a new home, so EBI.AI created Evie, their AI assistant. Evie helps new residents move in and immediately start living life in their new home. From watching a video on their phone that shows them how to turn the heating on, to finding somewhere local for a drink or bite to eat. Evie answers more than 150 questions and every new conversation trains the AI to answer more, so Evie can help with anything Get Living residents ever need to do or want to know.

>> Read the case study


Create enviable build to rent communities that residents love

You can find thousands of reasons to use Lobster AI for property management and community building. And with more than 20 years of experience working with software, EBI.AI can easily connect it to any of the tech you already use to run your sites.

Fast and accurate, using AI helps make sure all the administration you have to get done gets done while creating an avant-garde lifestyle for your customers who choose to rent. Using Lobster to help your residents in all the ways they’re used to in our digital-driven world ― before and after they move in.

  • Searching for places,
  • looking at locations,
  • listening to or watching instructions,
  • downloading or sharing documents,
  • and everything else in between.

Because whatever your customer is looking for online, you can use AI to find it for them faster.


You’ll find lots of inspiration for ways to use Lobster in your build to rent community here.

ps. EBI.AI has a pre-built property assistant you can start using right now! From day one, it will answer around 85% of the maintenance questions you’re ever likely to get from residents, but as it gets to know your customers and your business better, will start to answer even more, learning as it goes.