The BTR Code of Practice: Principle 5

5. Cultivate community as core to BTR.

Signatories will:

  1. Develop homes and foster vibrant scheme communities which encourage connection and generate a sense of belonging.

  2. Curate targeted customer engagement programmes aimed to enhance lifestyles across mixed demographic, interests and needs. 

  3. Engage with the local community to ensure places are contextually relevant for the long term, meeting underserved local needs as far as possible and respecting cultural heritage and ancestry. 

  4. Prioritise meaningful economic and social opportunities that support local businesses, organisations and communities.

  5. Measure, monitor and manage schemes’ social risks and benefits for customers and communities.




  • Support and promote placemaking. 

  • Distinguish Code signatories from providers who may negotiate down local affordable housing requirements, or provide sub-standard offerings.

  • Enhance health, happiness and wellbeing across a mixed customer base in BTR schemes.

  • Enhance customer offer through the promotion of access to local retailers.

  • Support data collection and sharing.

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