The BTR Code of Practice: Principle 4

4. Adopt fair, flexible and responsible terms which promote lasting relationships.

Signatories will:

  1. Adopt fairness and flexibility as hallmarks of tenancy terms e.g. offer variable term lengths (at least) 3 years, tenant only break clauses, no hidden fees, fair and transparent rent increases.

  2. Take a responsible perspective to revenue generation which fosters stewardship over short-term financial gain.

  3. Publish relevant documentation in plain English, and in a suitable range of accessible formats eg tenancy agreements/complaints procedure. 

  4. Publish a Customer Charter that adheres to the ARL minimum standards*.
    * Customer Charter standards to be developed.

  5. Ensure customers are treated fairly, consistently and inclusively.

  6. Identify and engage with at-risk customers and offer appropriate support.




  • Provide security of tenure for customers.

  • Be open and transparent in communications, including addressing any
    issues for customers.

  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement across the sector.

  • Enable benchmarking across operators and geographies.

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